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Essay writing is often underestimated by the assumption that it is everyone's cup of tea. But there's a reality check; writing essays is not just limited to school students; it is also considered a professional skill and subject in many universities. And since we are clearing the misconceptions, let's be forthright that most of the scholars do not like writing and wasting their precious time on essays or assignment writing. This mindset may be because they feel there are more critical things in the academic syllabus than writing lengthy papers. We understand the issues of students and their hatred towards work, especially writing an essay. Our essay writing services solve all your essay problems.

Understanding Essay Writing

Dictionaries describe "essay" as a piece of writing on a topic. It is a write-up that indicates the writer's perspective or thinking pattern. Essays can be written in both formal and informal ways. When we speak of Formal Essay Writing, we include academic write-ups or issues encountered in real life. On the other hand, informal essays consist of the creative side of the essay writer.

Essays have become one of the significant parts of the curriculum, and it thus holds pretty good weightage in the grade section. Our writers, who have expertise in this field, are just the right people for the students facing problems.

Although there are no specific rules for writing an essay, there is a basic format which accepted in almost every school/university:

The first paragraph, which is the introduction holds utmost importance because it is part of the essay. It has to be very attractive so that the reader indulges himself and does not lose interest while going through it. Therefore, the introduction paragraph gives the reader a direction to the idea of the topic.

The primary paragraph is the body of the topic. The research and analysis of data are covered in this part. The writer should stick with the general purpose and idea of the question. Reports, evidence, and arguments are included here. It would help if you kept the reader engaged in the essay; the connection of every detail should be appropriately maintained.

The conclusion should leave a very realistic and logical impression on the reader. Why? Because the ending matters a lot! Hence, the outcome should not be the summary of the essay, but it should highlight the topic's impact.

Here Is What We Have To Offer You In Essay Writing Services

Essay writing can be of different types, and the following are the types of essays, and we have the best team for each of these!


This type of essay works with facts and figures associated with the topic. Evidence in this is used to support and claim the making of your piece. Unlike the other types of essays representing the writer's thoughts, argumentative essays include arguments and proofs to back the chosen topic. In this, proper research, analysis and evaluation of the problem is done systematically.


In persuasive essay writing, the writer's primary focus is to persuade the reader to believe their opinion or to convince the readers to take a particular action. The writer should be well aware of every detail of the topic and is required to understand both sides of the issue. A good writer in persuasive writing knows how to represent their views to the audience with the correct knowledge.


Analysis essays are usually written on topics to be appropriately analyzed and penned down fairly and systematically. The rules of writing an analytical essay should adhere strictly to leave a good impression on the reader. In this, the author is required to explain the meaning of the topic, analyze it, compare it, evaluate it and finally come up with a conclusion supporting every single bit of the analysis done.


It is one of the most straightforward forms of writing. A descriptive essay is used to explain the information about a topic objectively. It is used to inform, compare and contrast or to show cause-and-effect relationships. In such types of essays, the author's opinion is not required; the information points should be reached as quickly as possible.

Once you brief the topic and requirements of your essay to our professionals, they do very detailed research and investigate each bit of it. Experts at Assignment ClassMates, know what exactly your faculty demand from your essay.


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