Harvard Referencing Style

The concept of “Harvard referencing” came into the picture in the year 1881 by Edward Laurens Mark. He was a professor of anatomy and director of the zoological laboratory at Harvard University. The concept of referencing came into the picture when the realization of presenting a paper came into existence. The citation was the main reason behind the introduction of the referencing style. Initially, this referencing style was named "Owen System'' later the name changed and it was named as "Harvard system". Over the years, some changes to that reference style took place due to the usage of internet resources.

About Harvard referencing style

Harvard referencing is one of the most popular referencing styles followed in the academic context. Here academic context refers to developing and presenting journal papers, conference papers, report writing, essay, research project writing, and others. A number of renowned universities across the world follow Harvard referencing style in their curriculum. “author-date system” is another name of Harvard referencing style. Various universities from the UK, Australia, and the United States still follow Harvard referencing in the academic papers.

What is referencing, and why is it essential?

In the process of producing research papers, researchers need to support all the writing with authentic sources. In other words, an author or researcher cannot write on a topic or observation based on his or her understanding and knowledge. They need to account for information from various sources like journal articles, websites, books, and newspaper articles. Academically reliable sources are none other than journal articles, books, and newspaper articles, and the author has full rights to use those articles as supporting evidence in their writing.

In the Harvard referencing style, two common parts author's name and published year we visualize in the writing portion of the research paper or assignment. Through the referencing process, authentication of a research paper, academic project, or any assignment is determined. High references or sources in a paper signifies more authenticity. On the other hand, taking fewer references signifies lower reliability. Major structural format of Harvard referencing style includes 1.5 line spacing, justified layout, mentioning access date in case of online sources and others.

Generating Harvard references

There are plenty of Harvard referencing generators available online. Every article has a specific citation, first, two components of this citation name and year are the in-text portion of the writing. However, the whole citation in the Harvard referencing style follows a specific format in which the name of the author comes first followed by initials. Then the year of publication takes place. The title of the article and source is the next major component of the citation. The latter section includes the volume number and page number of the article. Some Harvard referencing generators help users to get pre-set citations for each article. Google Scholar is one of the most common referring generators. ProQuest is another referencing generator tool used by many university studies across the globe.

Process of citation in Harvard referencing style

An example of a Harvard referencing style might help a student to get a better understanding of its importance. Let's assume, a researcher has written a line in a paragraph which says developing countries are the pillar of international globalization. The author took this line from an article, published by an author named “John Doe” in the year 2018. In such a situation, the writer needs to prove that the inspiration for that sentence came from the article by John Doe. To do so, the writer will write the phrase “developing countries are the pillar of international globalization (Doe, 2018)”. In the Harvard referencing example, you can see that the used phrase offering credit to the initial researcher.

However, in the case of website Harvard referencing, we often fail to find the author's name on the article page. In such situations, we are free to cite the website’s name. The treatment of Harvard referencing style is slightly different in the case of a direct quote. A direct quote refers to using the same sentence from the original work. Usually in academic writing, we are following the process of paraphrasing information and writing from the original work. However, sometimes various universities instruct to put direct quotes in the writing to highlight the authenticity of the work. Above mentioned sentence again taking as an example to show how the treatment of direct quote does work. Usage of page number is common in case of a direct quote. Let's assume the page number in which the term "developing countries are the pillar of international globalization" is there is 325. Then in the citation process, the researcher needs to write to developing countries as the pillar of international globalization (Doe, 2018, p. 325).

Types of Harvard referencing

The flexibility of Harvard referencing is significantly higher. In other words, a university has the right to customs Harvard referencing style based on their convenience. Some of the popular Harvard referencing styles are Deakin Harvard referencing, Harvard referencing UNSW and Harvard referencing Adelaide. Minor changes are there in each referencing style. abc.com has a wide range of academic tutors knowing each type of these referencing style. So, students should not worry about their grades, deadline, assignment, and references. We provide high-quality solutions with proper Harvard referencing to each of the students to ensure better grades.

Helping students through providing Harvard referencing style

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