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Law is defined as the set of rules, rights, and duties necessary to ensure the proper functioning of a country or community or even a society. Many students pursue a law degree to develop their career as an advocate or lawyer or some other field that requires a degree in law. Studying law demands a good command over writing as well as speaking. The study of law is so vast that at some point, it gets frustrating for the students, especially when they have piled up essay writings, case studies, assignments, etc. Thus, this ultimately results in poor grades. And in this field, you cannot afford to scoreless. Since this vast subject is divided into countless types of laws for almost everything in the world, it is not easy for an individual to keep track of his/her assignments and submissions.

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What Do We Offer To Law Aspirants?

Law is a field of study which has an extensive type of laws like:

Company Law

Under company law, we study how a company is formed, who will elect the director of the company, the contents of Memorandum of Association (MoA), the number of people who will run the company, how is a company dissolved, etc.

Contract Law

The meaning of contracts, considerations of contract, briefing, etc. is what covered in the law of contract. It is like an agreement that the promise or number of pledges that are non-contradictory is accepted by the parties involved.

Tort Law

Tort law assignments are even tougher since Tort deals with infringements of various kinds. Hence, it is very diverse and often confusing

International Law

International law, is a set of rules and regulations which are to be enforced between the nations.

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Criminal Law

The study about the provisions of Code of Criminal Procedure (CRPC), which tells about the grounds under which the arrest is made, how are the proceedings started, on what basis the criminal is charged released and many more.

Commercial Law

It is also known as the trade law, applies to the rights of people and businesses related to commerce, trade, sales, and merchandising.

Corporate Law

It is a body of law that governs the relations and rights of organizations, companies, and businesses.

Taxation Law

This law lays down a set of rules and guidelines related to taxes. Law of filing fees, tax treaties claim on taxpayers are a part of taxation law.

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