2023 School Calendar Queensland

In the Queensland school department, the Australian school calendar is highly important. According to school policy, there is 40 weekly study system which becomes 41 weeks in leap years. Here within the school calendar, 4 types of long vacations are highlighted. These vacations are summer holidays, Easter holidays, winter, and spring holidays. In between the 4 terms of vacations, different formative assessments are designed. Here with the calendar students can come to know about the proper dates and terms between the examinations. On average, 10 weeks are granted for every examination. It will help students to take sufficiently preparation and appear in examinations properly.

Queensland Calendar 2023

How school calendar of Queensland provides information regarding school policies?

Declearance of holidays is prescheduled and all the schools in Queensland follow the particular routine too. Only policy-based holidays like annual show day or exam dates are negotiable according to the syllabi, different projects, etc. It is the best aspect where the yearly finishing day factsheet is always maintained. In the calendar, all the holidays and working days are maintained according to the Education of Queensland curriculum and assessment authority regulation 2014 acts.

In addition to our personal philosophy for teaching young children, the preschools in which we teach should have one in place as well. All staff members, including interested parents, should be involved in the creation and maintenance of these principles, and they should never be at odds with your personal views.

What are the vacation times in Queensland school policy?

In Queensland, four spans of holidays are designed which are discussed below.

  • Summer holiday is designed with 6 weeks duration during the Christmas period.
  • Easter holiday is provided during the Easter public holidays.
  • Winter holiday is highly precious because it starts after ending of the 1st-semester examination.
  • Spring holidays are designed for 2 weeks in the middle of 2nd semester.

What are the staff days designed in the Queensland school calendar?

In the Queensland school calendar, there are staff development days that are also mentioned in the calendar. These developmental days are designed in the following manner.

  • There are 2 staff developmental days pointed at the end of summer vacation.
  • Another 2 development days for staff are destined at the end of the Easter holidays.
  • One fixed staff developmental day is present on the third last week on a student-free day.
  • These student-free days are mostly designed at the end of the summer holidays.

To provide a quality range of education to all the students, Queensland Education Ministry sometimes declares staff development holidays that are not present in the calendar.

What are the features of Queensland students' calendars?

  • In this calendar, there are 12 months in which students will get information regarding public holidays, students' attendance days, part public holidays, and staff development days.
  • All of these above-mentioned days are pointed with 4 different colors to provide a clear vision about holidays or working days to students and employees.
  • Students, their parents, and staff can visit and download the Queensland student calendar at www.education.Qld.gov.au.


This Queensland school calendar is highly crucial for students and other staff for their working days, vacation, and developmental activities. From this calendar, people will get a complete idea regarding part holidays also. Still, these holidays are sometimes changed in different locations in the Queensland.