The MCAT stands for Medical Admission Test, is essential for admission to medical schools. The MCAT is not a pen-based test, it is a computer-based test, and other tests are physical, biological science, verbal, non-verbal reasoning, and writing skills.


What is a Good MCAT Score?

A good MCAT score is defined as one that puts the person closer or above the average percentile for matriculating at the focused or target medical schools.

How does your MCAT score calculate or measure? And Guide to MCAT scoring/MCAT raw score/MCAT range of score

Remember, if your Grade point Average (GPA) is truncated or low side, then you will need to score a higher MCAT to recompense, and suppose if you have a strong Grade Point Average (GPA) then you are the get away with minimum MCAT score.

Use the resources like Medical School Admission Requirement (MSAR) database to assist, and you can differentiate your grades (GPA) and scores to the mean score for the medium schools which is on your list. This MSAR database is available online at the subscription fee rate of $27 for the students who are searching for information on the United States and the medical schools of Canada also.

You can also search or find out your average or mean GPA and acknowledge the rates for medical schools in our electronic/ online/ internet profiles of a school. Just use the search click and find out the medical school and the program you want to research.

Compare the GPA and the scores to the statistics for the medical schools on your list to get an idea or hint that how you would compete.

The raised or most elevated score plausibility is 528. The size of the MCAT is equable, so the mean or normal score is 500. AAMC proposes that the affirmation in clinical school board consider the candidates nearer to the mid of the reach, as opposed to setting the most noteworthy or generally centered around the most noteworthy finish of the scale.

The MCAT crude score is a trial of scale, which characterizes that your crude score depended on the quantity of your inquiry is right is changed over into a scaled score that considers the trouble of the inquiries. Each MCAT segment is scored on a size of 118–132 (most noteworthy). Your MCAT absolute score (which is the number of your segment scores) goes from 472–528. Since various variants of the test have changing degrees of trouble, the scale will be marginally not the same as one MCAT organization to the following.

MCAT Percentiles 2018–2019

You'll get a percentile rank alongside your MCAT score to assist you with contrasting how you did and other tests taken. Did you get a percentile position of 50? You scored higher or equivalent to half of the other test-takers! The higher your MCAT percentile, the better. Here are some example MCAT percentiles from the most recent MCAT percentile positions delivered by AAMC, powerful May 1, 2018—April 30, 2019.

524–528 100
521–523 99
520 98
517 95
514 91
512 86
510 81
508 78
506 69
504 63
503 59
502 56
501 52
500 49
499 46
497 39

Our clinical school confirmation specialists suggest that you focus on a complete score of 509 or above. This score places you in the 80th percentile of MCAT scores, as per AAMC.

Normal MCAT Scores 2017–2018

The normal MCAT score for all candidates is presently between 504 and 505. The normal MCAT score for register (those who've been acknowledged and have enlisted to go to a medications school) is between a 510 and a 511. Here are the normal MCAT scores by area:

MCAT CPBS 126.2 127.6
MCAT CARS 125.7 126.9
MCAT BBLS 126.4 127.9
MCAT PSBB 126.5 128.0
TOTAL MCAT 504.7 510.4