How Do You Achieve Positive Feedback From Your Teachers?

Teachers’ positive feedback is very impactful for students' confidence development and positive character development. In academic life, students normally try their hard to achieve positive feedback from their teachers. But winning teachers’ hearts is not only a hard thing but also not dependent only on academic activities. Here students need to be accommodative as well as active enough for their academic life, school or institution-based activities, communication development with peers and teachers along with many others. Now there is the discussion that how to achieve positive feedback from teachers in academic institutions.

Achieve Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for students’ examples:

Students get enthusiastic with different kinds of positive feedback from their teachers. Even it's now proved from different schools, colleges as well as universities that, some positive language can motivate students at an exponential rate. For example, when teachers said, well done, bravo among classes it helps some students to perform their best. Northerly, in parents meeting when the class teacher provides positive feedback like highly efficient in the classroom, it motivates a student to provide their best output in the study. Positive feedback helps students to gather confidence in them to achieve their best performance. Even it helps them to develop leadership within students.

Good feedback comments from teachers:

Teachers are also trained nowadays to provide good feedback comments to their students. When students become able to touch a goal, start a project with self-motivation or others it is high time for teachers to comment. In most academic institutions, there is some internal assessment marks also allotted for achieving positive feedbacks.

Giving feedback to students after observation:

Providing proper feedback to the student for achieving good marks or reaching their targets in the examination, needs a lot of things. Students should get a remarkable grade in their examinations for achieving positive feedbacks. Teachers observe their students in aspects of helping their peers in understanding different topics as well as institutional issues. It provides them a lot of support. Even after achieving such supports from some students, academic institutions can touch their target of optimum potentialities through reaching their students. In this way, teachers provide a high range of motivation to their students.

Positive comments on teachers:

On the other side of mirrors, there is a great impact of positive feedbacks on the teachers' activity or progress through measurement of students' progress or activation level. Here parents of students have a great role to motivate teachers. In guardians meetings, parents can provide positive feedbacks such as the approach to teaching has developed kids motivation level, or "your active initiation of the project has helped children to learn a lot" and many others. When teachers will be motivated sufficiently, they will be able to provide positive feedback to children through motivation or different project initiations. In this way, not only students but also teachers feel motivated for teaching with their optimum potentialities.

From these aspects, it is observed that positive feedbacks have an essential role in motivating students at the highest level. It is now proved from different academic institutions that positive feedbacks from teachers have such a role to enhance the motivation level of students. So the students feel highly energized to complete their homework properly. In these ways, through small steps students will be able to reach their target and achieve their career progression perfectly.