Cole’s Strategy Analysis

If you are interested in discussing Cole's strategy analysis, then it is observed from their websites and other sources that, this organization has set its aims to reach its target customers in a simpler and approachable manner. In this strategy analysis, most emphasis is present in their key driving areas which include customers, suppliers as well as business and the market. During Cole's strategy analysis it can be observed that customers are here treated in a simplified manner.

Cole’s Strategy Analysis

Cole’s business strategy:

To overcome their previous failures and reach their profitable target Cole's has taken the strategy to generate their profit from the top 30% class of the country or society. Along with their strategy, it is another positive thing that customers spending capacity is enhancing day today. Utilizing the rich classes of the society, Cole's has now targeted to reach their profitability crest. In Cole's new business strategy executives of the organization have divided their customers into four classes or segments based on their needs and priority. These four segments are mid to high demographic for peoples living within 15 km distance of the city. Cole's provide a great range of discount, food and other convenience to these peoples. The second segment consists of middle-class peoples where Coles has their standard format of dealings. In segment 3, Cole's has designed customers living in the suburban area. In the fourth format of customer segmentation, Cole's has included the wealthiest peoples of Australia. Here Cole's offers healthy, fresh, huge, and other qualifications as well as costliest products to their customers.

Cole’s value chain analysis:

During Cole's value chain analysis, it can be observed that there is the inbound logistics where organizational executives have developed a high grade of relationships with their suppliers. There are operational activities where technological implementation is done during the processing of end products from raw materials.

Marketing sales and services are a very crucial part of porter's value chain analysis of Cole's company. For making these portions strong Coles organization has now emphasized the affordable cost and high-quality products. For achieving customer loyalty, this organization has developed its pre and post-selling services also.

In the secondary activities of Cole's organization, there is the firm infrastructure development with high-end technological activities with quality management, legal activities, accounting, finance management. Human resources management is another part where HR activities like recruiting, inducting, selecting, and training are highly emphasized for better profitability. Technological support of this Cole’s organization is highly advanced to provide superfast services to their customers.

Coles organization has taken superb steps for their procurement where equipment development, raw materials supply, product development are done in an advanced manner.

Strategic analysis of Coles supermarket Australia:

It's the fact that Cole's supermarket in Australia has a fierce competitor range. Cole is the first supermarket in Australia but to suppress the major forces of Woolworth and others Cole's has emphasized the enhancement of digital capabilities as well as customer experiences. Woolworths and Aldi are fiercely competing with Cole’s supermarket Australia. It’s the best strategy of Coles Supermarket in Australia to provide all the essential things for Australian peoples with high quality. It includes huge ranges of products such as baby care ranges hygienic products, baby cares, and others.

From these discussions, it is observed that Cole's supermarket in Australia has developed a superb business strategy. The business strategy of Cole's supermarket has the internal development strategy and at the same time, there is the strategy for external strength development also. Proper research and development are highly needed for digital promotion, discount measurement, profitability development, customer relationship, and others. In this way, Coles supermarket in Australia will achieve socio-economic growth and profitability.