Comparative Essay Example with Samples Tips

Have you ever come across an essay that comprises of a debate or a short argument about two things? That is a perfect comparative essay example, and that is what it is all about. A comparative essay also contains a Pro’s vs. Cons structure that shows a comparison of opposing views, things, events, and people as well. But, you need to follow the way of writing an essay while you are crafting your comparative essay.

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The reason behind this is, you need to make sure that you present the purpose of your essay in a very clear way. You need to answer and clear all the doubts of your reader on the go so that readers can grasp what you are trying to state.

Essays are one of the simplest things to pen down as you are taking facts and then converting them into a simple short story. And, in the case of comparative essays, you usually turn your facts into an argument or a debate. But you need to be sure about what you write and make sure that you have performed your research well enough.


What is a comparative essay? To be precise, it is a written debate.

So, before you start to pen down your comparative essay, the first thing that you need to do is, analysing the question that your essay has put up. And, up next, you need to be sure about your understanding of both the ends of your written debate.


The comparative essay introduction sets up the base of your write-up.

At the beginning of your piece, you need to put up the similarities present between the subjects of your comparison. That will make your readers sure about what the focus of your essay is. By the end of the introduction of your essay, you need to declare to your readers about the side you feel like supporting.

Body of Your Essay

You will have two options while jotting down your comparative essay. One is, writing a paragraph about one of the sides, followed by the other side of your comparison. This is popularly known as “Block Arrangement”. You need to keep on repeating your facts about both of the sides in the same manner throughout your comparative essay till you reach your conclusion.

In this option, you will be able to express all your facts in depth. Also, this method is the best to use when the topics you are debating on are entirely different as, in such a case, you will get enough scope to explain your points.

The second option that you have while writing your debate is dividing each paragraph into halves and discussing each of the sides in each paragraph. They call it Alternating Arrangement or Point-by-Point setup.

So, if you choose to write it down in the first way mentioned, then you need to make sure that your paragraphs discuss both the points as a whole in their respective paragraphs. And, you need to do that in a broader spectrum. In the latter paragraphs, you should be discussing one specific point about each side in each one of them.

The Conclusion

In the concluding part, you need to jot down a summary of the biggest difference between each side. This part should end with your opinion or your personal statement. You should also add why you prefer a particular side over the other.

Make sure you write it down in an educating manner. This will make your readers find themselves enlightened about the sides. And it is your job to make them feel as if they have learned something new after going through your debating essay.

    Additional Tips to Keep in Mind When Writing an Effective Comparative Essay

  • You cannot merge both of the writing formats which have been discussed earlier in this blog. You need to choose one of the styles and stick to it till you conclude.
  • Draw a "Straight Line of Development" With this line, you can tell your audience about what you are going to tell them, and then start with your essay.
  • Make sure the topic you have chosen is relatable to your readers.
  • Make sure that your readers are clear about which side you are with.