Family Branding

Family branding is a kind of marketing method. It entails utilizing a single brand name to sell numerous goods. For instance, a business might utilize one brand to promote soap, oil, hair shampoo, as well as nail polish. This is different from selling individual goods, which entails offering each merchandise its name and representation. For instance, a business might sell lipstick as well as nail polish, offering each merchandise a disconnected marketing personality.

The thought following family branding is that a business can make a broad variety of goods both attractive and gainful by offering them all one familiar name. afterward, by building acknowledgment of this trade name, a business can moreover create consumer reliability. When the business sets up new goods or even makes alterations to active goods, it can rely on consumer faithfulness to guarantee its market will buy the innovative or transformed merchandise. moreover, family branding, makes it likely to exploit a marketing promotion to effectively market a variety of products rather than only one. Family branding is noticeably diverse from individual branding that endorses each merchandise in an unrelated way. It is an effective management plan and a device for including homogeneity in products. This technique develops individuality and marketability as well as is a prevailing trick to assert consistency in quality.

Family Branding

Family branding strategy

Thriving family branding policies usually utilize the widespread reach, saturation, and knowledge of a famous brand to its utmost potential. The trademark, iconography, and individuality of a familiar brand are utilized to encourage and improve the reliability of newly-initiated goods and services.

  • Family or umbrella branding is a dominant marketing plan that comprises utilizing the reliability and acknowledgment of a conventional trademark to support prevailing goods and services.
  • Risk lessening, cost control, along with consistent marketing strategies are noteworthy benefits of umbrella branding.
  • Umbrella branding decreases brand progress expenses.
  • Advertising, as well as promotional efficiency and competence boost as companies, get to concentrate on a single trade name and build up resourceful, overarching facts.
  • Affirmative brand equity impacts all the goods and services beneath an umbrella brand.

Family brands example


Starbucks Coffee is an American international business that presents a heap of goods and services in the same commercial label. A few of the business’s goods are:

  • Starbucks Tea
  • Drinking utensils with the Starbucks tag
  • Starbucks Drink Ware
  • Starbucks Syrups and Toppings

Virgin Group

Established by Richard Branson, the famous British tycoon, Virgin Group is an international trademark with universal acknowledgment. The company utilizes its well-known brand representation to participate in brand expansion. Utilizing influential family branding plans, the corporation has brought forth:

  • Virgin Drinks
  • Virgin Atlantic Flights
  • Virgin Green Fund
  • Virgin Games
  • Virgin Books
  • Virgin Spa
  • Virgin vacations

The Coca-Cola Company

One of the oldest as well as major beverage producers worldwide, Coca-Cola is an American global company with a widespread worldwide existence. Billions drink the business's creation, and the brand name and iconography like genuine approval and faithfulness amongst the masses. Coca-Cola presents a broad range of goods in several groups. Here are a few of the most important ones amongst them all.

  • Carbonated Cola/Soft Drinks
  • Health Drinks and Electrolytic Drinks
  • Mineralized Water
  • Bottled Water
  • Root Beers
  • Sparkling drinking water