Gibbs' Reflective Cycle

In 1988, Graham Gibbs had hypothesized the renowned cyclical model of reflection from learning. It is mainly based on the experience from one incident whether it is successfully performed or not. Here learning is occurred based on repeated experiences. Gibbs reflective cycle is mostly based on six stages which are the description of an experimental incident, experiences thoughts and feelings related to the experience, evaluation of the result of experiment whether it is successful or not, analysis of the result to find out the reason of the result, conclusion about the result of the entire process, and finding out the action plan for controlling the result of the same situation or experiment in future. Gibbs reflective cycle is a highly crucial part for the nursing students and registered clinical specialists.

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Gibbs reflective cycle example:

In nurses’ reflection diary, there is the continuing professional development related aspects. In this scenario, there is the first stage of description where nurses write down the brief facts of the situation, occurrence of incidents, what they did in which situations. For Gibbs reflective cycle example, it is observed that for a mentally ill patient there is the importance of writing all the facts, what are patients history about the entire situation, and writing it in the nurses' blue book. In the second phase of Gibbs reflective model, there is a description of the patients feeling in a certain situation, how she or he is affected by patients behaviour. In the third stage, there is the evaluation of patients good and bad situation, how issues are reflecting in this situation and how it is affective for patients welfare. In the fourth stage, there is the discussion of reflection of incidents on this patients mind and nurses are required to analyse it properly. In the Fifth stage, there is the discussion on the conclusion of patients development along with time and how it is catalyzed or delayed. In the 6th stage, nursing professionals are required to analyse that how every stage enhances their efficiency in the patients' welfare.

Gibbs reflective cycle references:

In Gibbs reflective cycle, Harvard reference is mostly required. Here students feel huge stress on finding a properly matched situation according to the patients' condition. In Gibbs reflective cycle reference students are highly recommended to make an intensive research on the entire scenario in different data bases like Pubmed, Scopus, google scholar and others. For Gibbs reflective cycle example there is the importance of analyzing every step of the patients' condition or the entire situation. Here students need to analyse every detail, patients feelings, effects of different incidents, as well as medical interventions along with the welfare of the patient.

Gibbs reflective cycle model provides complete guidance to nurses for intensive study and supervision of the patient. With help of Gibbs reflective model, nurses will be able to provide a great monitoring system to the patient.

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Gibbs reflective cycle in assignments:

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