Reference Writing in the Academic Assignments

Reference is a very important part of academic assignments. By providing proper references students acknowledge the respectful sources in the last portion of the academic assignments as the sources. This is highly important to give credit to the original authors or researchers for utilizing their researched or collected information. Based on different institutions and study materials there are different types of referencing styles. These are Harvard Referncing Style, Chicago, APA, and many others. Here we are going to discuss the utilization of references in academic assignments, the process of referencing, as well as in-citation techniques, and many other pieces of information.

Reference Writing in the Academic Assignments

Where should you put references in the academic assignments?

Normally students are required to put the list of references at the end of their academic assignments. From this list examiners or readers can come to know about other information sources related to the topic. Reference writing has another part which is in-citation. Mainly in the incite portion students are required to put the surnames of authors with publication year etc. (It is different for different referencing styles).

Why do we put references in academic assignments?

References are placed in the academic assignments to acknowledge the information source with the authors' names and surnames. By providing academic assignment references, students can avoid plagiarism. It is a great parasite in academic writing because sometimes we need to put information with terminologies. Through in-text citations, we can easily avoid plagiarism of academic content. Above all, by providing proper references students can enhance the credibility of their academic assignments. Mainly students are required to put references in the academic assignment based on statistical information, factual information, case studies, etc. References can make academic assignments more trustworthy to their reviewers or examiners.

How can we make reference writing?

We put references from different databases. Among the huge number of databases most crucial are google scholar, PubMed, Scopus, etc. Nowadays many universities have their e-library or publication. From these electronic resources students can easily take the references and extract their information. In this reference writing aspect, there are many other sites and MS word writing tools for taking the proper structure of the in-cite texting. There are some other rules also. For example, mainly the APA style of referencing is utilized in business-related academic assignments, the MLA style of referencing is utilized in art or literature-based studies, the AMA referencing style is utilized in medical programs, etc.

For example, there is a sample of reference writing:

Hidayah, A., & Syahrani, S. (2022). Internal Quality Assurance System Of Education In Financing Standards and Assessment Standards. Indonesian Journal of Education (INJOE), 2(3), 291-300.

It is APA style referencing for the topic " why referencing is required in academic assignments?" According to APA reference writing rules, its in-text citation will be "(Hidayah & Syahrani, 2022)". In the aspect of utilizing the most recent information in academic assignments, students or researchers mainly use information sources or papers not more than 5 years old.


It observed that references have a great impact on academic assignment writing to enhance trustworthiness. With proper references, students can secure higher grades along with the examiners' appraisal. These information sources or references are great sources of knowledge also. It helps students to enrich their knowledge and develop as subject matter experts.